In the age of Climate-Anxiety elders can ease despair by proxy voting for underage youth - Sept 9, News Release

NEWS - September 8, 2021 - Larry Pegg says Proxy Voting by elders can save young people from Climate Despair

PROXY VOTING CAN GIVE YOUTH A VOICE in the age of Climate Despair

#InThisShitTogether - New music released December 9, 2020, to help us through these trying times

"Veritas filia Temporis​​​​​"​​  January 17, 2021 - Heading into the Biden/Harris Administration meet local musician Larry Pegg and the conversation he’s started about truth

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Come Out from the Shadows

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Here is the image from my YouTube Channel. It shows CDBaby's false claim that they own my creative work. Preposterous! My creative work is owned and registered with @SOCANmusic in Canada. (See lower right corner)

I wrote AMERICAN SUN on February 16, 2018, two days after the Parkland Massacre that started the March For Our Lives movement. The 2nd amendment has become a twisted thing IMO.

See this 2 minute video collage of the Powerful young people from March 24th rally. Wow!!!

"The Breaking Point" – New Music in response to Charlottesville

Supporting the Alberta Wildfire relief efforts & creating awareness for #MentalHealth, #PTSD & #SuicidePrevention

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