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    State of Greed

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March 13, 2019 - FBI Uncovers College Admissions Scam - Lives may have been lost? Inquiry needed?

Because I care about young people losing hope, whether they be from Canada or America, or anywhere in the world, I ask the US Justice system to seriously consider the impact that these 50 indicted individuals (parents, teachers and coaches and their duplicitous children) may have had when the verdicts are handed out. This is a serious moment for America. A national investigation into suicides of young people who have failed their SAT's seems to be a reasonable and rational step to take.

Of course their are more people with money that are probably doing the same thing that have not been caught yet. Jared Cushner's name is on the list in today's news. William H. Macy was apparently in the room with his wife for this scam pitch that she has been indicted for. This is not a partisan issue this is an issue of rich privilege poisoning the American ideal of meritocracy, or better, the human ideal of it. 

No more prayers! Action! 


College admissions scam rekindles scrutiny of Kushner's Harvard acceptance, $2.5M pledge (link below)